Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Root Of All Evil!

Money?.Well thats what we have been taught for ages.

"The Root Of All Evil is Money."

But if you analyze properly money is just a tool to acheive evil deeds. I say that the above term should be changed to:

"The Root Of All Evil is BAD PARENTING"

We are all Integers!. When we are born we are zero. As a baby we know nothing!. Who teaches us first?. Our dear Papa and Mama.

Its the basic foundation taught by a parent that decides whether the baby goes to the positive side or negative side.

Parents should be very careful in rising a baby. Good parenting is as tough as running a multi national company. It involves patience,care,managing and psychology.

Lets talk about a boy named Pepe. From the age 0 till the age 18, Pepe is under the parents control. Parents decide whats right and wrong for Pepe. He learns everything from his parents till the age 5. Here everything means manners,small decision making,good habits and some basic communication abilities.
Then Pepe goes to school and learns about the world from teachers in the form of maths and science. The Teachers describe the world to Pepe.
At the age 13 Pepe starts giving more importance to friends and starts learning from friends. Friends dont teach Pepe. They take out to try out new stuffs together!.
Some go to libraries and signup for new community activities. While some go out to try out stuffs like cigarettes,weeds and gangfights!.

Pepe should know which which group of friends to hangout with. Because both groups play a great role in Pepe's character development, career and his Future!!!.
So Pepe should decide which group to be in. If the parents guided him properly in the decision making he will choose the good gang. If the parents missed that part, then Pepe will
 be more influenced by the bad gang.

Going to the negative side is the main reason for thefts,murders and cheats.

See the terrorists camps. They separate young kids from parents and train them to be killing machines. According to these kids their parents are the Terrorists Leaders and trainers. They know only what they had been taught!. And they are so well trained and loyal to the principles taught that they are ready to act as suicide bombers and press the button which they very well know that it will blow them off into pieces.

This is negative parenting!.

Likewise if every parent takes pain in analyzing the bringing up of a baby in a positive way, There will be more innovative and positive people making the world a better and the best place to live in!.

Bringing up kids is not fun or a human tradition. Its a very tough work. The most important work after Agriculture(Growing foods) is Good Parenting(Growing positive persons).

A small kid observes everything around him. So a parent must be very careful as the kid is always around a parent watching and observing. Every single harsh action of a parent will have a strong imprint of a child's mind!.

Every kid should have a great understanding of emotion control,desicion making and tackling personal problems before entering into the teenage. The teenage is the most important and thrilling part of the life as that age decides the Rise or the fall of an individual!.

Monday, December 15, 2008

3 Kinds of People

There are three types of people in this world.
  • One who Owns a Aeroplane
  • One who Drives the Aeroplane
  • One who Creates the Aeroplane

All the three are interlinked. One cannot live without the other. The creator will create a aircraft only if the owner orders or the owner can buy a aircraft only if the creator creates a safe and efficient aircraft.  The creator needs the driver to test the aircraft and the owner needs him to pilot the aircraft!.

Not only the aircraft. Any product or service involves all these three people. Each one of them are good in their own way. Each field is equally tough.

The Creator: 

Creating a Aircraft involves thorough knowledge in advanced mechanics,electricals,maths, material science.etc.
The creator should assemble all these knowledge into one! and the finished product should be efficient and safe.

The Driver:

 The driver needs to train himself to withstand the effects of high speed and temperature. His life is in danger as sometimes the aircraft fails. At these situations he needs to drive the aircraft to safety. The driver needs great discipline has he should not be rash driving. The driver should be able to be a good decision maker in a short time. He should maintain the aircraft regularly.

The Owner:

The owner should think twice before investing on a aircraft. He needs to calculate the expenses and the benefit he has in buying a aircraft. Whether for commercial use or personal use, the owner takes full responsibility for any problems. The owner should be very thorough in risk management.

As you can see, each field is very hard to be in. Each one is equally tough. But the society needs all these three people. So its your decision to choose which one you should be.
And the only way is to try all the three. If you try out all of them, you will realise your strengths and find which one your comfortable with.

                    Suppose Bank of America(Owner) needs a new software for maintaining its huge customer base and the millions of transactions that follows. Bank Of America goes to sonftware consultancy giant Accenture(Driver). Accenture needs a advanced programming tool to create such a big software. So they go for Visual Studio, a powerful programming tool created by Microsoft(Creator).
Bank of America should analyze a lot about its customers before buying a software. Their team of experts(Owners) should analyze the future,risks,expenses involved in buying the software.
Accenture should analyze the time needed for creating a software. Number of programmers needed to work on the software. And the programmers(Trained Drivers) should be able to create a software without any bugs.
Microsoft engineers(Creators)  should be able to create a powerful programming tool that can be used by the programmers(drivers) with great ease.

So you have three roles to choose. Try them all out! Enjoy them all!. And the one which you most enjoy. The one which you can continue for long hours. That one is you!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Being fit, You Survive!. Being Smart, You Luxuriate!

If your a big fan and follower of Charles Darwin's famous statement "Survival of the Fittest", Iam sorry to tell you that this is not at all enough to live in the current fast paced World.

Competition is increasing in geometric progression in almost all the fields. One must train himself very tough with lot of skills in order to survive in his or her field. And now the High Inflation gives sign of a major finanacial destruction. Many top brass ecomomist and Business people have predicted this financial destruction to happen within 2020. So surviving is just not enough!. You have one life, and you have the power to make it happen to what you want it to be like!.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.
- Abraham Lincoln

The moral of the above quote is : Plan your Work & Work your Plan.

So before you plan your life, you should know about life and how to plan it, So the best way is to get knowledge from professionals. And these professionals have put their knowledge in the form of books. Iam going to list some books below which will definetely make the reader the happiest man ever if he follows them.

An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life:

Who Moved My Cheese? is a short story that teaches us to live in this changing world. This is a must read!. There are other sequels of this book by the author. Read this first and then go for the sequels. Sequels are not that important though.

Success is from the Inside:

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. A catchy title and the best deal you could have ever made in your life. This is also a story. Actually a conversation between two persons. One is a Rich lawyer who became a monk. The other is a normal man whom we encounter everyday, everywhere.
This book!. Its an Art!. Which teaches us the meaning of life,self,soul,happiness,destiny.etc. A Must Read!. With simple language.
If you follow the principles in this book I gurantee you that you will have a healthy mind, body and the most loved man or woman or boy or girl, whatever your age is!

The World is Running on Money:

There are a lot of critics on money. Its the root of all evil, its not needed, only greedy people want money. Well no matter what people say about money, It is the king of this world. We cannot do anything without money. Everyone needs money. Google needs money to run I need money to have a internet connection and blog!.
The whole world is running on money. Student studies complicated courses so that he ends up with a high paying job in his favorite field. Workers wakeup everyday morning running for jobs because they need money.

Money is not Everything in life. But it is a tool to acheive many things in life.

So we must be financially educated. That is we should know what money is and all the other terms like banking,debit,credit,deposits,investment,economy,government.etc. For that I have a wonderful recommendation:

Rich Dad Poor Dad. A beautiful book that explains the meaning of money and how Rich get richer and richer. Explained in very simple terms rather than complicated financial books. This is a must read. These are just the basics. The author has many sequels and each one of them are a must read!. This book will surely change your attitude towards money and be a Money-Magnet!.

And get to know a lot about investing and other financial related topics.

External Links:

These books and references will surely make you smarter and plan out a better financially, healthy, peaceful life!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

David kills Goliath and gets killed by another David!

Everyone knows the story of David and Goliath. An Epic battle between a brave young man and a Huge powerful Warrior.
David was young and inexperienced. While Goliath was a master in his field.

This term called "young" made David an Hero. People loved him because he was young and brave enough to defy a massive figure.

But the same people will hate him once when his status becomes "Massive". And when another young man challenges David. David will be considered as an villain.

Perfect example is today's Business World. Back in 80's when Microsoft was just a small company with an employee base lesser than 10, Microsoft was considered David and IBM was considered Goliath. Microsoft's MS-DOS was getting more popularity than IBM's PC-DOS. IBM was then the biggest computer manufacture and also had the leading OS sales.
But Microsoft proved that being a giant is not enough. Microsoft had a far better vision than IBM. Microsoft was all the Tech World talked about. Microsoft's battle to conquer the OS market was David trying to slay the Goliath IBM. Microsoft was considered as David and people supported it. Finally Microsoft got the maximum hold of the Market.

Now Microsoft is the biggest software company in the world. No longer a David, Now a Goliath. People hate Microsoft now. There are more number of critics than praising articles.
Now Apple's Mac is considered as David. Everyone praises Apple for its efficient OS. Mac is slowly conquering the OS market. Now having a Mac is considered cool than having a PC.

Likewise Yahoo is considered as a Goliath in the search business, People used Yahoo in their everyday life. Then came Google the David. People supported Google for being a young and the brave David. Now after slaying Yahoo, Google is the search leader and the Goliath. And Google critics are slowly emerging.

So the lessons that everyone should know is.

1.)When People start loving you, it means your going to make it big. When people start hating you, it means You are Big!
2.) Being at the top is like renting a house. You have to pay higher and higher each year or else get replaced by someone who is able to pay it!

Why should I study? Bill Gates did not!!

Parents must be cursing Mr.Bill Gates for:
  • becoming a Billionaire overnight.
  • not completing his degree!.
These two points is enough for a student to fight back with his nagging dad who says "Go study! dont waste time".

Everybody has this misconception that Education is getting a Degree!. But Education is NOT getting a degree.
Education is knowledge about something.
Bill Gates did not get a degree but he got knowledge about computers. At a very young age he mastered the core basics of programming and engineered his very own Operating System.

Bill Gates chose to study in school what he should be studying in college. He had far more knowledge about computers than his peers. So he chose to discontinue his studies and do something far more better than just getting a degree because he was already well educated about computers.

He left his studies because he was already fluent with programming. Thats the reason he discontinued, he does not want to sit in a programming class and score a A+ all the time, he wanted to do something big and ended up with the biggest software company. So his discontinuation does not mean that "Education wont help you to become Rich".

You can become a college dropout. Provided you are fluent in what you want to become!
A degree is just to tell people that you know something but not how much you know about it.


So it does not mean that Bill Gates is not educated. He is just not having a degree. But he is very highly educated in the field of programming!

I am not saying that a degree is not needed. Iam saying to look at a degree as a course than a certificate.
Dont just study at the last minute to clear your exams and get out with a degree. Study to know about what your studying. Interact with people who are already in that field. Get to know about the course and the current trends. Develop your creative thinking skill and communication skill.

Only this attitude towards studies will make you the next Bill Gates. A Sincere thirst for the Right Knowledge!